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David Graham

Montana Doctor Says Coronavirus In Nearing Endemic Phase

National and world leaders and the general public are beginning to acknowledge the coronavirus is in a transitional phase from pandemic to endemic. Montana Doctor and author David Graham projected this several years ago in his 2020 book, “From Killer to Common Cold.” Tuesday, he was on Voices of Montana again with a prediction.

Medical Experts Urging Montanans To Get Vaccinated Despite Hesitancy

An updated report from Quote Wizard by Lending Tree LLC on state-by-state vaccine hesitancy shows Montana where 22% of the population is still unvaccinated 52% are worried about side effects. 42% don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines. 36% are waiting to see if it’s safe. 32% don’t trust the government. 19% don’t believe they need it and 17% don’t thin...