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Electric Co-Ops Investing In Improved Cyber Security

With Russia invading Ukraine, security issues in the U.S. are of growing concern. The National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association is holding its annual meeting in Nashville. Monday, on Voices of Montana, its president and Glasgow’s Norval Electric Co-Op Director Chris Christensen had an example.

Cybersecurity Program Coming To Select Montana Teachers

Teachers across Montana are getting a chance to bring a new education program to their school district. Great Falls College and Montana State University are tagging along with 12 national cybersecurity centers to help teach high school teachers the basics of cybersecurity. With hackers targeting more and more people every day the need for cybe...

Missoula’s LMG Security CEO Explains How Ransomware Can Be Tracked

As our use of the internet in our daily lives increases, so do our chances of our cybersecurity getting compromised. Sherri Davidoff is the founder and CEO of LMG Security out of Missoula and one of the leading experts in cybersecurity and recently explained on Voices of Montana that the most recent numbers on cyberattacks may not tell the who...