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Biden Decision On Southern Border May Impact Drug Traffic In Montana

The Biden’s administration will comply with an order from a federal judge blocking the removal of COVID-19 border restrictions. known as Title 42 that was planned to end May 23rd. Recently on Voices of Montana Colonel Steve Lavin, Chief of Montana’s Highway Patrol, explained that’s where a lot of the state’s illegal drugs are...

COVID Cases Continue To Drop Despite New Subvariant

New COVID-19 cases continue to drop but the BA-2 subvariant is spreading throughout the country. As of March 11, 16 cases had been reported in Montana since the first report on January 30. University of Washington Medicine Clinical Virology Laboratory Assistant Director Dr. Alex Greninger.

Number Of New COVID Cases Continuing To Drop

There were 409 new COVID cases added over the last week bringing active cases Monday to 494 Monday the lowest since July 2021 decreasing about 97% in the last seven weeks. Statewide there are 44 people hospitalized due to COVID-19 and hospitalizations have decreased 88%. The Department of Health and Human Services detected 16 cases of BA.2 in ...

Federal Court Blocks State Law Banning Vaccine Mandates

Health care facilities and individual practitioners and clinics can mandate vaccines. Friday, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy blocked the state from enforcing Montana’s House Bill 702 passed into law in 2021. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services requires them to ensure their staffs are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or the...

Nursing Shortages Threaten Rural Hospital Operations

When the pandemic hit rural hospitals already on the brink of closing were spared by an infusion of government money but nursing shortages are increasing the risk. Rural hospital budgets feel the pinch when forced to hire traveling nurses who make as much as $120 an hour. Michael DoCheck is with the Charter Center for Rural Health.

NRECA President Details Pandemic Adjustments For Rural Electric Cooperatives

The pandemic has affected everyone including rural electric cooperatives. The National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association is holding its annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee. On Voices of Montana Monday President Chris Christensen, who is also a board member of Glasgow’s Norval Electric Co-Op with 19 employees, talked about it.

Montana Continuing To Drop Mask Recommendations

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less severe COVID cases means less masking is needed. In Montana, there are now 36 counties that are free to go without masks indoors compared to 16 last week. The number of counties with masking recommendations still in place decreased from 44 counties last week to 20 this week. Las...