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Canada Lynx Protection Plan Due By 2024

U.S. wildlife officials have agreed to craft a new habitat protection plan for the rare snow-loving Canada Lynx that could include more land in Colorado and other Western states. Northern News Network’s Eric Young.

New Report Details High-Income Migrators Moving To Montana

In a presentation to state legislators this week, the Montana Legislative Fiscal Division reported in 2020 and 2021 Montana saw a surge of high-income out-of-state newcomers moving from places like California, Washington and Colorado. The total incomes of new residents included a higher percentage of capital gains and higher incomes than peopl...

Additional Funding Announced To Fight Wildfires In 2022

The Biden administration plans to significantly expand efforts to stave off catastrophic wildfires and has crafted a $50 billion plan to more than double the use of controlled fires and logging to reduce trees and other vegetation that serve as tinder in the most at-risk areas. There have been rare winter blazes in recent weeks including infer...

U.S. Department of Interior To Review Coal’s Environmental Impact

A review of climate damage caused by coal mining on public lands was launched Thursday by the U.S. Interior Department as the Biden administration expands its scrutiny of government fossil fuel sales that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The review also will consider if companies are paying fair value for coal extracted from public rese...