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Montana Rancher Highlights New Factor For Wildfires

Fire seasons in Montana have been longer and more devastating in recent years but it’s not all due to seasonal weather patterns. Andy Zook, a rancher near Volberg, explained on Voices of Montana how extreme weather led to a new catalyst for wildfires.

Montana Manufacturers Dodge Economic Setbacks In 2020

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic the manufacturing industry in Montana fared relatively well in 2020 and is on track to return to pre-pandemic levels of business. According to a new report from both the University of Montana and Montana State University with the largest sectors being petroleum and coal and wood products it gener...

Coal Production Increasing Across Montana

Coal production is increasing in Montana as demand in the Asia Pacific ratchets up. Montana’s mining industry has turned out 20.3 million tons of coal in the first nine months of 2021. That’s a 2% increase of 524,000 tons over 2020 when the state had two more mines operating than it does currently. Production numbers through October 2nd were r...

U.S. Department of Interior To Review Coal’s Environmental Impact

A review of climate damage caused by coal mining on public lands was launched Thursday by the U.S. Interior Department as the Biden administration expands its scrutiny of government fossil fuel sales that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The review also will consider if companies are paying fair value for coal extracted from public rese...