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Christy Clark

Montana Ag Department Investing In Mental Health Services For Producers

A recent nationwide study shows 7 in 10 Americans are having issues because of the pandemic and farmers and ranchers in Montana are not immune especially because of the stresses they particularly face. Recently on Voices of Montana, Director Christy Clark of the Montana Department of Agriculture said it is committed to reducing the stigma arou...

Ag Dept. Director Highlights Rural Montana’s Mental Health Challenges

After receiving a $500,000 federal grant the Montana Department of Agriculture is getting behind a program titled “Beyond the Weather” to address the issue of farmers’ and ranchers’ mental health. Recently on Voices of Montana Director Christy Clark talked about the stresses they face every day many of the rest of us don’t.

Governor Appoints New Department of Agriculture Director

Christy Clark has been appointed as the Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture after serving as acting director when Mike Foster left to serve as the state’s ARPA Program Director. Clark recently highlighted the department’s initiatives.

Montana Department Of Agriculture Begin Offering Mental Health Resources

A new mental health program being offered by the Montana Department of Agriculture includes Montana-specific initiatives to reduce the negative stigma associated with mental health and provide and connect producers with effective resources. Acting Director Christy Clark explains how it will also address the issue of limited spare time that pro...

New MDA Program To Address Ag Producers’ Mental Health

The Montana Department of Agriculture has announced a new comprehensive program aimed at alleviating stress for Montana farmers and ranchers. Department of Ag Acting Director Christy Clark explains what this new program will provide that wasn’t available before.  

Department Of Agriculture Director To Oversee ARPA Funds

A shakeup today with the Montana Department of Agriculture, Governor Greg Gianforte announced that he will be appointing the department’s director Mike Foster to lead the state’s program in distributing federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. Foster will work with ARPA commissions and state agencies to recommend how the governor...