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Uncertainty Surrounds Opening Northern Border As Deadline Approaches

Despite the challenges it has put on dual-residency homeowners and foreign travelers there’s still much uncertainty with re-opening the U.S. – Canadian border. Montana State Senator and Eureka resident  Mike Cuffe recently spoke about the biggest hurdle he’s heard about its opening.

Federal Government To Investigate Native Boarding School Oversights

The federal government will investigate its past oversight of Native American boarding schools compiling and reviewing decades of records to identify past boarding schools locate known and possible burial sites at or near those schools and uncover the names and tribal affiliations of students. A recent discovery of children’s remains bur...

Glacier National Park Visitors Avoiding New Ticket System

Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana on the Canada border had almost 300,000 visits through May the highest year-to-date number on record. The Park is seeing more visitors showing up early in the morning and evening when the park’s new ticketed entry system is not in effect. Glacier administrators say people who arrive at the pa...