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American Rescue Plan Act

Montana Meat Producers Receiving Boost From ARPA Funds

(Credit: agnormark/Adobe Stock) Small meat producers in Montana have received $7.8 million in funding through ARPA to help resist further consolidation of the industry’s four big meatpacking companies. This includes $450,000 for Hamilton Packing Company in the Bitterroot Valley. Jason Schlange is the owner of the business which has been aro...

USDA Rural Director Provides Update On State ARPA Projects

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the American Rescue Plan Act getting signed into law and communities across Montana are beginning to make improvements through the billions of federal dollars approved. Montana’s USDA Rural Development Director Kathleen Williams recently provided an update on how they’re allocating funds.

Montana Sees Increase In Health Care Enrollment Following ARPA Passage

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act passed by the 117th United States Congress was                      signed into law March 11th 2021. 51,000 Montanans are now seeing reduced health care costs after health care coverage increased by 14% because of ARPA. This year’s open enrollment plans saw a 21% increase from 2021’s open ...

Liberty County Commissioner Provides Update On Recent ARPA Projects

Wednesday, the White House held a virtual meeting with some of Montana’s rural leaders including Liberty County Commissioner Maureen Wicks to discuss how recent federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act and Infrastructure Bill were affecting their communities. During the Zoom call, Wicks detailed how they were making the most of the fund...

Former Budget Director Optimistic For State’s Economy

According to former Budget Director Kurt Alme, Montana’s economy is on the right upward track. On Voices of Montana recently, he said this about the ARPA funding the state has received from the federal government intended to help states in need because of the pandemic’s impact.

DEQ Looking To Address Reduced Air Quality In Montana

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality’s 20 air quality monitors across the state flagged more days in 2021 for diminished air quality than any year in the past decade. The DEQ is now asking for $450,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act grant funding to bolster its monitoring network with a focus on improving coverage in unde...

Governor Appoints New Department of Agriculture Director

Christy Clark has been appointed as the Director of the Montana Department of Agriculture after serving as acting director when Mike Foster left to serve as the state’s ARPA Program Director. Clark recently highlighted the department’s initiatives.

Superintendent Arntzen Provides Update On ARPA Education Spending

The Legislature’s Education Interim Committee recently met in Helena to provide updates on a number of issues including education tax credits the Montana University System staffing and program spending. On program spending Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen touched on the state’s current status of elementary and secondary schoo...

Montana Lawmakers Approve Additional Child Care Funding

Thursday Montana’s American Rescue Plan Act Health Commission voted to advance $30 million in stabilization funding to child care providers impacted by the pandemic. Director of Public Health and Human Services Adam Meier explained during the commission meeting that these funds come from previously determined funds that were not yet approved. ...