January 13, 2020 Shadow of the Rockies

Season Setting Meetings Slated Around Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are holding season setting meetings throughout the state to hear from hunters as we set the hunting seasons for the next two years.

The biennial season setting meetings is the chance for hunters to hear from their area wildlife biologists on all the proposed seasons for big game. Montana FWP sets the seasons every other year, then adjusts the quota based on game populations.

Hunters are particularly interested in the elk “shoulder seasons” that run for up to six months in many areas of the state. They started in 2015 and grew dramatically to run in more than 55 districts throughout the state.

There have been strong concerns with the elk shoulder seasons because they have the potential to replace general season harvest, allow outfitters to tailor-make their outfitting around the shoulder seasons and add to exclusivity. We need that strong general season harvest across the entire landscape of private and public lands to effectively manage large elk numbers while providing the most public hunting opportunity.

Make your voice heard by attending one of the season setting meetings in your area. Comments can also be submitted electronically to fwpwld@mt.gov. Details on the hunting season proposals can be viewed at http://fwp.mt.gov/hunting/, and going to “Opportunity for Public Comment.”

And be sure to take the elk survey by going to www.montanaelksurvey.com to speak up for your elk, their management and the future of your public hunting opportunities.