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COVID-19 News

Montana Department Of Revenue To Set Up Payment Options For State Tax Filers

One week from today is the filing deadline for state and national tax returns. As far as the state is concerned there are payment options available for Montanans because of the financial stresses many are facing right now. Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Sanjay Talwani.

Montana Human Rights Network Research Director Talks About Militia Group Protest Failures Over The Holiday Weekend

Militia groups seeking to channel fear of the coronavirus into a recruiting effort in several Montana communities over the Fourth of July weekend did not. Research Director Travis McAdam with the Montana Human Rights Network says the groups acted like they had wide community support                  but that wasn’t the case and McAdam sa...

Montana State President Of American Postal Workers Union Says The Post Office Ranks Highest

As COVID-19 continues to hurt the post office workers are gathering across the country for Save the Post Office Day. The U.S. Postal Service was left out of Congress’ $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. Montana state president of the American Postal Workers Union Gary Phillippe says the postal                service consistently rank...