Farm Broadcaster

  • Personally produce and voice daily agricultural programs
  • Research news stories and conduct interviews that are of value to Ag
  • Produce content that can be multipurposed to radio, TV and website
  • Participate in public appearances to promote our region’s ag industry
  • Foster connections with Ag community in our region attending events with goal of being on first name basis with the ag leaders in our region


  • Northern Ag Network has hired and trained many interns over the past 40 years. We are always interested in talking to potential interns about a career in marketing or in broadcasting. Give us a call to discuss your career interests!
Sheridan Johnson, 2020 Summer Intern on the Farm Broadcasting Team

Our hearts lie in rural Montana & Wyoming
helping to ensure the future of agriculture.

If you have a deep love for the land, and you find joy in serving others, Let’s Talk.