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Volkswagen Settlement Equals More Charging Stations For Montana

Using money awarded from Volkswagen Settlement funds Montana’s number of fast-charging electric vehicle stations will move up to 21. Bill McGladdery is the Director of Corporate Communications for Town Pump who along with Northwestern Energy will install 2 charging stations at nine community locations.

Lamb Board Chairman Talks Potential De-Listing Of Grizzly Bears

There’s been a push recently by Montana political leaders for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to de-list grizzly bears as an endangered species. At this year’s Montana Wool Growers’ Convention, Dan McEwen from the American Lamb Board commented on the progress made thus far as saving the species.

Fentanyl Deaths Rapidly Increasing Across Montana

New numbers received from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services show an upward trend of fentanyl-related overdose deaths in Montana. The number for this year only include the first half of the year through June 30th. With that said the percentage of fentanyl-involved overdoses jumped from 13.3% in 2018 to 48.1% in 2021. ht...

Warm Springs Hospital Reporting Large Number Of Employee Vacancies

The state hospital in Warm Springs which serves 239 patients should employ 524 full-time personnel but approximately 40% of those positions are currently vacant. State lawmakers have received multiple concerns from staff members and they in turn took the matter up with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. It put out a re...

Three Teens Arrested For Starting Gibson Flats Fire

Three teenagers have been charged with arson connected to the Gibson Flats Fire in Great Falls last week. KMON’s Pat Frisch first reported the story and said the initial investigation quickly led to these three suspects.