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House Bill 224 To Permit Snaring Of Wolves Receiving Pushback From People Concerning Pets Or Hunting Dogs

House Bill 224 would allow for the snaring of wolves but Rod Bullis a hunter living in Helena points out there are no signs that say for wolves only and any creature can be caught in them. He’s frustrated with how quickly it’s moving through the Legislature and feels lawmakers aren’t sufficiently concerned about pets or hunti...

Due To COVID-19 Hardships Mortgages And Rents Past Due Nationwide And In Montana For Some

With the economic hardships of the pandemic consumer advocates say credit is as important as ever. Liz Schrum with the American Association of Consumer Credit Professionals points out that nearly four million homeowners are past due on their mortgages including some in Montana and

Montana Legislature Considering Bill Clarifying Beef/Pork Products Born Raise And Processed In The U.S.

The Montana legislature is considering a bill clarifying beef and pork products that were born raised and processed in the United States. Ranchers say meat importers are using a loophole to label their products as from the U.S. hurting ranching. John Bailey is a rancher in southeastern Montana and a member of the grassroots agriculture group N...

Montana Grain Growers Association Opposes Senate Bill 181 Raising Taxes Saying It’ll Be Passed On To Customers

Senate Bill 181 was a tax policy bill introduced last week in the Montana legislature and ran into opposition from multiple industries one of which is the grain industry which is heavily dependent on rail shipping. Alison Vergeront Executive Vice President of the Montana Gran Growers Association testified in opposition. https://northernbroadca...