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Archive for date: December 30, 2021

Senator Tester Highlights Senate Work Done In 2021

As 2021 wraps up, many of us take a look back at our accomplishments throughout the year and Senator Jon Tester is no exception. He recently reflected on what work he is most proud of from Washington D.C. this year.

Fifteen Tax Credits To Expire After 2021

Fifteen Tax Credits will no longer be available to claim by Montana taxpayers after the 2021 tax year. Northern News Network’s Eric Young reports the Alternative Energy System Credit is among those that were repealed during this year’s legislature.

Local Producers Voice Concerns Over Build Back Better Bill

As the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better bill continues to get negotiated in Washington, many Montanans are voicing their concerns over possible inflation resulting from it affecting their livelihoods. Susan Lake is a crop producer in Ronan and recently gave an example of inflation already impacting rural Montana. https://northernbroadc...

Charitable Tax Deductions Expire Friday

Tax deductions for charitable donations expire this Friday and while charitable giving has been up in recent years, this is due mostly to generous mega-donors with smaller donations going down. Liz Moore is the Executive Director of Montana Nonprofit Association and says this is due to a tax reform in 2017 that doubled the standard tax deducti...