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Archive for date: November 26, 2021

Senator Tester Highlights Milk River Project In Infrastructure Bill

One of the biggest beneficiaries in Montana from the Bipartisan infrastructure bill is the Milk River Project, which is set to receive as much as $100 million  in new funding. Senator Jon Tester helped negotiate the bill’s figures and explained how these particular funds were able to stay in the final legislation. https://northernbroadcasting....

Missoula Women Sentenced To 20 Years For Killing Neighbor

A Missoula woman has been sentenced to 20 years in state custody after pleading guilty but mentally ill for breaking into a neighbor’s apartment and stabbing him to death as he slept. Northern News Network’s Eric Young has more.

Montana Businesses Voice Support For Infrastructure Bill

Nearly three dozen Montana businesses are thanking Jon Tester for his work on the infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden last month. Steven Ladefoged owns Montago Coffee in Helena and said it would help reduce the effects of climate change while also protecting the state’s recreation economy.