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Archive for date: November 17, 2021

Senator Daines Explains Vote Against Infrastructure Package

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill recently signed into law has been called one of the few recent examples of bipartisan legislation but that doesn’t mean everyone in Washington approves of it. Senator Steve Daines voted against it and recently explained why to reporters.

Governor Declares This Week Apprenticeship Week

In Helena Monday at Dick Anderson Construction, Governor Greg Gianforte signed a proclamation declaring this as Apprenticeship Week in the state of Montana. Our Capitol City Correspondent Troy Shockley has details.

Governor Gianforte Decommissions State Mainframe

Governor Greg Gianforte has decommissioned the state’s mainframe system consisting of powerful on-site computers used for large information processing jobs. The decommissioning is expected to save taxpayers approximately $2 million a year as current applications and programs will move to the State’s Private Cloud. According to Gianforte the mo...

Billings Hospitals To Follow Federal Vaccine Mandate

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently issued its final interim rule requiring most Medicare and Medicaid providers’ staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and despite some public outcry across Montana Billings’ providers are ready to comply. Northern News Network’s Eric Young reports.

Heating Bills Projected To Significantly Increase This Winter

According to the Montana Public Service Commission rising natural gas prices could boost heating bills by as much as 62% this winter. The announcement comes after the federal Energy Information Administration forecast higher winter heating prices for every region of the country. The winter heating period began October 1st and ends March 31st. ...