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Archive for date: September 16, 2021

Governor & DPHHS Announce New Substance-Abuse Program

Governor Greg Gianforte and the Department of Public Health and Human Services announced Wednesday Montana has contracted with six treatment providers to pilot an integrated evidence-based program to expand the state’s capacity to treat stimulant use disorders like methamphetamine use. The department’s Jon Ebelt. https://northernbroadcasting....

MSU to Award Honorary Doctorate to Taylor Brown


From the Northern Ag Network:

Note from Daughter Courtney Brown Kibblewhite – “We are sincerely grateful to everyone who wrote letters and supported our Dad’s nomination. It sure means a great deal. Especially since Colter and I came back to our business, we have seen Dad receive all kind of awards of course, but I do have to say there is something particular about this one. I don’t think it has a bit to do with the ‘Doctor’ title, though he loves to tease us about it! After a healthy family, I suppose what else could one ask for in life besides the opportunity and ability to give back to the people and places for which you care so deeply? Some have the opportunity, some have the ability, but few act. Thank you, Dad for continuing to step up. I know you don’t mind at all who gets the credit, but I thank God for the joy we feel in seeing credit given where credit is due.”

Montana Trade Industries & Superintendent Meet In Helena

The Build Montana workforce program was showcased at the state Capitol Wednesday with the idea of familiarizing high school students with the construction industry. It is a partnership between the school district private industry and institutions like the Office of Public Instruction and the Department of Labor and Industry. At a press confere...

Wildfires Across Montana Becoming Contained

With a second year of drought conditions and record high summer temperatures Montana’s wildfires have been contained. Thanks to quick initial attack often by local firefighting crews about 95% of fires were contained in a summer that hit other western states including California, Washington and Oregon. Just since July 1st, firefighting a...

Health Officials Warn Of Wave Of Influenza

After a year of zero flu cases being reported the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services is now warning Montanans about the risk of a severe flu season. Dr. Seth Cohen with the University of Washington’s School of Medicine has offered a solution.

Boat Ramp Closures effective now

Last boat ramp at Cooney State Park to close for the season Low water levels in reservoir make boat access impossible BILLINGS – The last available boat ramp at Cooney State Park will close at 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 16, until further notice because of low water in the reservoir. Receding water levels in the reservoir have left the bottoms of a...

Governor’s Office Provides Wildfire Update

As of Wednesday morning there were 15 active large fire incidents in Montana. There have been over 2,310 fire starts in Montana burning around 871,000 acres. Since Governor Greg Gianforte’s fire briefing the week before Wednesday there have been over 100 new fire starts. Officials estimate approximately 51 residences have been lost this year t...