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Archive for date: July 28, 2021

Montana Ag Producer To Bring In Hay From Tennessee

With Montana producers having a hard time to find hay for their herds because of drought and high temperatures, Joe Dooling, a producer in Lewis and Clark County who ran for the U.S. House in 2020, may have a solution. He explained the background Wednesday on Voices of Montana, saying there’ll be a test run of his idea Friday. https://norther...

American Red Cross Declares Emergency Blood Shortage In Montana

The American Red Cross says there is a critical need for blood donations across Montana due to increased demand. Tori Robbins with the blood service Vitalant recently explained the importance of people constantly donating blood rather than occasionally.

Montana Construction Projects Facing Unique Challenges This Season

With extreme heat price inflation and a shortage of materials all prominent during this construction season concerns have come up regarding production efficiency. Although there have yet to be any major setbacks Billings Knife River General Manager Hal Fugelvand says there’ve been other challenges.

Montanans Asked To Limit Outdoor Activity Due To Decreased Air Quality

Record-breaking heat is again hammering portions of the northern Rockies as the region remains shrouded in unhealthy smoke from wildfires. Tuesday, unhealthy air was recorded around most of Montana’s larger cities and in portions of northern Wyoming and eastern Idaho with more than 40 large fires burning in the three states. Officials recommen...

Senator Tester Stands By BLM Nominee Despite Recent Criticism

Republican Senators once again opposed President Biden’s selection to lead the Bureau of Land Management Tracy Stone-Manning Tuesday. During an afternoon online Q&A session Democratic Senator Jon Tester addressed the criticism and stood by his support for her.

COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise Across Montana

More than 250 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in a single day in Montana Tuesday for the first time in over five months. Tuesday afternoon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said vaccinated people in counties with high caseloads should return to wearing masks indoors. Governor Greg Gianforte issued a statement saying ...