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Archive for date: June 09, 2021

Yellowstone National Park Biologist Talks Bear Safety

It’s that time of year for viral videos of visitors and bears at Yellowstone National Park and rangers want to make sure everyone knows how to stay safe. Park biologist Kerry Gunther on how to keep bears away from visitors on the roads.

Lewistown Health Center To Expand Services

After sitting mostly vacant since the early 1990s, the historic Crowley Block building in the heart of downtown Lewistown will see new life and contribute to the health of Fergus County. Northern News Network’s Eric Young has details.  

Bureau of Land Management Ready For Fire Season

With a potentially record-breaking wildfire season this year some might wonder if there will be sufficient staff to combat the fires. Bureau of Land Management Spokesperson Al Nash says this shouldn’t be a problem.

Nuclear Interest Group Pushes For Further Legislative Review

People’s Power League, the group that successfully brought a 1978 ballot referendum that put proposed nuclear power plants up to a public vote only to have it overturned by the 2021 Legislature, has filed for a ballot issue to override the bill passed by lawmakers. The ballot issue has been sent to the Legislative Services Division for r...