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Archive for date: February 24, 2021

Red Cross Regional Communications Director Asking For Donations To Fill Gap From Last Week’s Bad Weather In Other States

The Red Cross is asking for help from healthy donors to overcome donation shortfalls from the recent heavy snow storms and freezing temperatures in part of the country. American Red Cross Montana Idaho Regional Communications Director Matt Ochsner.

Senate Bill 228 Scheduled For Public Hearing Today Being Opposed By State Public Employee Unions

Legislators have introduced Senate Bill 228 which is scheduled for a public hearing today. It would bar public employees from rejoining a union for a year if they drop out. Michelle Wheat with the Montana Department of Transportation says this would affect employees who do critical work in the state.

Northwestern Energy Manager Of Sustainability John Bush Explains Why Texas Power Problem Did Not Affect Montana

If it’s nice and warm inside where you are now think about when Texas recently lost power in frigid weather conditions. Tuesday on Voices of Montana John Bush Manager of Sustainability at NorthWestern Energy explained why what happened to that state didn’t affect Montana.