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Montana Petroleum Association Executive Director Alan Olsen On Keystone XL Oil Permit Being Rescinded By President Biden

Work on the Keystone XL oil pipeline was suspended with President Biden’s executive order rescinding its permit as soon as he took over from Donald Trump. Alan Olsen Executive Director of the Montana Petroleum Association said this about that on a recent Voices of Montana program.

Montana Petroleum Association Executive Director Alan Olsen On Keystone XL Pipeline Permit Revocation By President Biden

On his first day in office President Joe Biden rescinded the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Permit. Monday on Voices of Montana Executive Director of the Montana Petroleum Association Alan Olsen was asked if there’s  chance that could be reversed.

Senate Bill 89 Which Would Prohibit Unions From Deducting Dues Directly From Workers’ Wages Working Through Legislature

Bills that could affect union membership are working their way through the Montana Legislature. Monday Senate Bill 89 had a hearing which would prohibit unions from deducting dues directly from workers’ wages. Amanda Curtis head of the Montana Federation of Public Employees says the bill would hurt members of her union including police o...

Senate Bill 118 To Be Introduced At State Legislature To Improve Worker Compensation Law

Today at the state legislature the Senate Business and Labor Committee will hear Senate Bill 118 from Terry Gauthier of Helena to improve the workers compensation law. Bridger Mahlum of the Montana Chamber of Commerce says it will help insure accuracy on employment applications.

House Bill 176 Would Create Transportation Challenge According To Forward Montana’s Ruthie Barbour

House Bill 176 in the Montana Legislature would end same-day voter registration and close late in-person registration by Friday afternoon before election day at 5 o’clock. Ruthie Barbour with Forward Montana says this creates a transportation challenge especially for Indigenous communities that are far from their local elections office. ...

Vice President Of Montana’s American Academy Of Pediatrics Chapter On Bills To Ban Transgender Athletes In School Sports

Bills in Montana would ban transgender athletes from participating in public-school sports with their gender and prohibit gender-affirming health care for minors. Vice President of the Montana chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Lauren Wilson says trans youth have high rates of anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts because of ...