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Late-Season Hunting Dates


North Dakota waterfowl hunters are reminded the statewide duck and white-fronted goose seasons close Dec. 6. However, duck hunting in the high plains unit reopens Dec. 12 and continues through Jan. 3.


In addition, the season for Canada geese closes Dec. 19 in the eastern zone, Dec. 24 in the western zone and Jan. 1 in the Missouri River zone. Light goose hunting closes statewide Jan. 1.


Archery deer, fall turkey, sharp-tailed and ruffed grouse, partridge and pheasant hunting seasons continue through Jan. 3.


The season for tree squirrels closes Feb. 28.


Mountain Lion Zone 1 Early Season Ends, Late Season Opens


North Dakota’s early mountain lion season in Zone 1 closed Sunday, Nov. 22, and the late season, when hunters can pursue lions with dogs, is now open. 


During the early season, hunters took two cats from a harvest limit of eight. Under the season structure, a conditional season could open five days after the late season closes for hunters to pursue the additional six mountain lions that were not taken.


The late season in Zone 1 opened Monday, Nov. 23 and is scheduled to run through March 31, 2021, or until the harvest limit is reached. The late season harvest limit is seven total lions or three female lions, whichever comes first.


Hunters are advised to check the status of the late season by visiting the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website,


Zone 1 includes land in western North Dakota south of ND Highway 1804 from the Montana border to the point where ND Highway 1804 lies directly across Lake Sakakawea from ND Highway 8, crossing Lake Sakakawea, then south along ND Highway 8 to ND Highway 200, then west on ND Highway 200 to U.S. Highway 85, then south on U.S. Highway 85 to the South Dakota border.


The mountain lion season in Zone 2, which is the rest of the state outside Zone 1, has no harvest limit and is open through March 31, 2021.