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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has authorized a pronghorn antelope game damage hunt on Osmo Farms in Hunting District 701. Osmo Farms, located northeast of Miles City, is a Block Management Program cooperator.


Likely due to the rapid decrease in temperature and the abrupt start of winter, antelope have begun to gather in large winter groups and move south early. After a week of uncharacteristically warm weather, crop fields have sprouted and begun to green up on the property, and antelope are consuming and trampling winter wheat fields.


The ranch will be issued 10 antelope kill permits. In addition, a game damage hunt will begin Nov. 16 and run through the end of the general big game season on Nov. 29. FWP will contact those hunters on the HD 701 antelope game damage hunt roster that also have a Region 7 antelope tag, and they will have an opportunity to participate. If there is not adequate interest from those on the list, the opportunity will be offered to anyone with an unfilled Region 7 antelope tag. Permission to hunt is on a first-come, first-served basis.


To allow enough hunting pressure on the antelope herds to encourage them to leave, but not to overwhelm the ranch, FWP will only allow five antelope hunters per day. Hunters will sign up for a day to hunt BMA #301 through the Region 7 Block Management Office, which can be reached at 406-234-0930.


In order to qualify for the hunt, people will need an unfilled 2020 antelope 007-20, 007-30 or 799-30 license.


If you are interested in participating in this hunt, contact FWP at 406-234-0930 during business hours to check on availability and to schedule a hunt. Leave a message and your call will be returned in the order it was received.

Hunters who harvest an antelope through this game damage hunt are required to report their harvest to FWP Wildlife Biologist Emily Mitchell by calling or texting 770-359-8776