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Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Amy Anderson was recently named Partner of the Year for 2020 by the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust. Anderson is a habitat biologist in the Lander region.


The award was presented in September at the Game and Fish Commission meeting by WWNRT Executive Director Bob Budd.


“While many partners make projects work on the ground, it takes someone who can be a catalyst, a designer, a dreamer and a doer. That describes Amy Anderson to a tee.”


Anderson has worked with the Trust on numerous projects over the past 15 years, but was singled out particularly for her work to reduce conifer encroachment and enhance aspen habitats in central Wyoming. She was instrumental in partnering with WWNRT, the Shoshone National Forest, the Bureau of Land Management and the Wyoming State Forestry Department to remove 2,500 acres of conifer encroachment in South Pass.


Aspen enhancements are one way to improve habitat for wildlife, especially mule deer and other ungulates.


“By removing conifer canopy cover, it helps sun and rain and other resources reach the forest floor. With more space to grow, young aspen will sprout along with valuable herbaceous forage and that improves the health of the forest,” Anderson said. “The new growth provides lush vegetation for mule deer does during lactation and fawn rearing. Moose and elk benefit, too.”


Anderson was lauded for her dedication and her talent to collaborative habitat projects.


“Amy wouldn’t quit. That made her a unanimous selection this year,” Budd said.


Anderson has been a habitat biologist for Game and Fish since 2007, working first as a private lands habitat biologist based in Worland. In 2014, she became the Lander Region habitat biologist.


“I’ve worked with WWNRT since the first day on the job. I appreciate all the support they’ve provided for projects, none of which could happen without the Fund, private landowners, land management agencies and the beneficial partnerships with other conservation organizations,” Anderson said. “ I couldn’t be more honored to receive this award.”


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