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Are you ready for hunting season? FWP can help. In addition to the following hunting forecast, FWP provides online information about hunting access, including our popular Block Management Program. Through the program, we coordinate with landowners to provide hunting access to more than 7 million acres of private land.

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2020 Upland game bird forecast


Upland season started September 1 with mountain, sage and sharptail grouse along with partridge. Pheasant hunting starts on October 10.


2020 Waterfowl forecast


This year the coronavirus pandemic prevented the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their partners from doing their Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey, so no new information is available. Instead, we have predictions based on past data plus general impressions of local habitat conditions.


Hunters encouraged to submit samples from animals in CWD surveillance areas 


Hunters who harvest a deer, elk or moose are asked to voluntarily submit their animal for sampling to help gather additional data for that area. To help prevent the spread of CWD, hunters must properly dispose of their carcass waste in a landfill.


FWP maintains adjusted reporting requirements for black bear hunters


Consistent with adjustments made during spring, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will continue with the adjusted harvest reporting requirements for the fall black bear hunting season. “Be Bear Aware” this season.


With archery and upland seasons, remember that slow moving, quiet or game-calling, scented and camouflaged hunters will soon be sharing the landscape with even stealthier bears that may be stalking similar prey.


Hunters must expect to see bears

Bear spray – carry it, know how to use i


Be sure before you shoot: 5 tips for archery hunting success


Montana’s archery hunting season for deer and elk begins Sept. 5, and just like in every other form of hunting, being successful while hunting with a bow requires careful planning and preparation.



Additional Hunting reminders:


Evidence of Sex requirement


Be a good steward of the land


Ask first to hunt on private land


Access: Ask early, don’t wait


FWP urges hunters to check fire status, make safety a priority


Turn in poachers – call 1-800-Tip-Mont

For complete detail refer to the MT FWP Website