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When fall hits, hunters can get caught up anticipating their season. But, before putting boots on the ground, make sure to have the current, correct and required licenses, stamps and permits, safety gear and proof of hunter education.


“It’s easy to overlook a simple requirement in the excitement of preparing for a hunt,” said Scott Edberg, Wyoming Game and Fish deputy chief game warden. “We want everyone to have a good hunting season and ensuring your licenses and safety requirements are in order will give you a great starting point.”


Licenses, stamps and permits

Depending on the game you are pursuing and method, hunters may need a variety of additional stamps and permits in addition to their respective licenses. If buying online, hunters need to print their stamps and permits for proof afield; stamps will not be mailed.  


Confirm you have your 2020 licenses for the species and hunt area you are planning to  hunt. Make sure the license is signed and with you at all times when hunting.

Game and Fish requires licensed hunters to have a valid conservation stamp in addition to licenses; some exceptions apply. The stamp is $12.50, and is valid for 12 months from the purchase date. Conservation stamps can be saved to a digital device for proof in the field. Proof of a conservation stamp purchase is also printed on a big game license if purchased prior to the license being printed. 

Elk hunters in Hunt Areas 70, 71, 75, 77, 78 and 80-98 must possess an Elk Special Management Permit for $15.50 This stamp can be saved to a mobile device for proof in the field.

If you plan to hunt pheasants, you may need a $15.50 Pheasant Special Management Permit. The permit is required to hunt on Game and Fish walk-in hunting areas and any Game and Fish managed pheasant hunt and can be carried digitally on a mobile device. For a full listing of locations that require the permit, see the 2020 Upland Game Bird and Small Game regulations.

Big game hunters who plan to hunt in the special archery season must also possess one archery license in addition to their hunting license. The only exception is for holders of Type 9 archery-only licenses.

Waterfowl hunters should make sure they have their Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (Duck Stamp). All hunters 16-years-of-age and older must have and carry a Duck Stamp to hunt ducks, geese and mergansers; it’s not required for mourning doves, sandhill cranes, coots, snipe, rails or crows. Duck stamps expire on June 30 of each year. This stamp is immediately available as an e-stamp and later mailed from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  

All licensed migratory game bird (mourning doves, ducks, geese, mergansers, coots, rails, canes or snipe) hunters need to register for a Harvest Information Program (HIP) permit, including Pioneer and Lifetime hunting license holders. HIP permits are nontransferable to other states. A separate HIP permit is required in each state where you hunt migratory game birds. Wyoming HIP permits are only available on the Department website.

Please refer to the 2020 hunting regulations for additional information.

These stamps and permits can be purchased online, at any Game and Fish regional office or from any Game and Fish license selling agent.


Hunter education

Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1966, must have hunter education — from any state —  to hunt in Wyoming, unless accompanied by a registered mentor through the Game and Fish Hunter Mentor Program. Successful completion of a hunter education course is required though, regardless of age, prior to participating in the elk reduction program in Grand Teton National Park, and hunters must carry proof.


“Hunter education classes are limited and very full this fall, but the Hunter Mentor Program is a good alternative to get out hunting while you plan to take a hunter education course in the near future,” said Katie Simpson, hunter education coordinator for Game and Fish.


Hunters must have proof of Hunter Mentor Program participation or hunter education in the field which is their hunter safety card or certificate and can be saved on a mobile device. If a course was completed in Wyoming in recent years, that number should be printed on each hunting license and serves as proof, but hunters should check that prior to going afield.


Fluorescent clothing requirements

Big and trophy game hunters must wear in a visible manner one exterior garment  of either fluorescent orange or pink while hunting during the regular hunting season, regardless of the type of weapon they choose to use. This can be a hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest or sweater. Archers hunting in the special archery season are exempt from this requirement. Pheasant hunters are also required to wear fluorescent clothing in certain hunt areas, seasons or locations. Camo fluorescent orange or pink clothing is allowed. Please refer the 2020 hunting regulations for additional specifics 


For questions regarding stamps, permits or requirements, call (307) 777-4600.


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