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Archive for date: July 08, 2020

Proposed National Heritage Area Designation For Cascade And Choteau Counties

The entire state of Tennessee is designated a Natural Heritage Area by the U.S. Congress and a draft feasibility study for a proposed National Heritage Area designation in Cascade and Choteau counties is out for a 45 day public review. Tuesday on Voices of Montana Cascade County Commissioner Jane Weber explained an advantage to becoming one. h...

Help FWP report Snapping Turtles in West. Cent. MT

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is asking for help from the public in reporting snapping turtle sightings in west-central Montana.   In Montana, snapping turtles are a native species east of the continental divide, but they are non-native west of the divide and can cause significant harm to native populations of pond-dwelling species like f...

Montana Department Of Revenue To Set Up Payment Options For State Tax Filers

One week from today is the filing deadline for state and national tax returns. As far as the state is concerned there are payment options available for Montanans because of the financial stresses many are facing right now. Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Sanjay Talwani.