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Archive for date: March 16, 2020

Superintendent Of Public Instruction On What Happens After Two Week K-12 Suspension Ends

Today on Voices of Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen was asked if after this two week period when K through 12 public schools are closed does a plan exist of what to do then? “To listen to the full Voices of Montana Podcast Click Here...

Billings – Library Printing 3D Masks

The Billings Public Library has started printing 3D PF masks to be used by essential healthcare personnel as the work to assist members of the community who are vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. Currently the library can print three masks a day during operating hours. A second printer has been ordered to increase production to help meet medial...

MT State – Tester Introduces Covid-19 Testing Act

In the face of the spread of the coronavirus Senator Jon Tester has introduced the Free COVID-19 Testing Act. It would guarantee tests to confirm infections will be free as well as to open up emergency Unemployment Insurance funds to replace wages lost by Montanans who have been affected by the outbreak.