November 1, 2018 Voices Of Montana

Yay or Nay on I-185? Hear from Both Sides


I-185 “Tobacco Tax” Dominates Airwaves, Is There a Right of Wrong Answer?

Montanans can hardly look outside or turn on the radio or television without seeing evidence of the expensive battle over initiative I-185.

Does I-185 truly create a $34 million unfunded mandate?

Will you really not pay if you don’t smoke?

If you are an avid Voices of Montana listener, then you may have already heard both sides of this argument. But if you missed either of these shows hosted by Judge Russell Fagg, this is well worth your time.


Pro I-185:

Proponents argue that I-185 will help fund traditional Medicaid and Medicaid expansion as well as disincentive tobacco use.  Aimee Grmoljez from Crowley Fleck & former legislator Jesse Laslovich from SCL Health help elucidate the arguments for I-185.

Against I-185:

Opponents of I-185 argue that the initiative will create an unfunded mandate without providing enough revenue to pay for it. Legislator Cary Smith and Former Montana State Budget Director Dave Lewis share arguments against I-185.