August 6, 2018 Voices Of Montana

Troy Mine Says Recent Headlines Made False Suggestions

Troy Mine Provides Updated Reclamation Schedule

LIBBY, MONTANA –Troy Mine Inc. (TMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hecla Mining Company, has provided Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) an updated schedule for reclamation work at the former Troy Mine. In a letter submitted August 2, the new schedule modifies some interim milestones, but the overall schedule remains unchanged.

Downtown Libby. Photo Courtest of US EPA.

Downtown Libby. Photo Courtesy of US EPA.

“Recent press articles have suggested the company is halting reclamation which is not true,” said Luke Russell spokesman for the company. “While we are reducing some of our spending for the remainder of this year, we will continue to meet our legal requirements.”

“We take our obligations seriously and we remain fully committed to the communities in Lincoln and Sanders Counties and to fulfilling our requirements not only at Rock Creek and Montanore, but also at the former Troy Mine,” said Doug Stiles, General Manager, Troy Mine Inc. “The reclamation work at Troy will take many years and we remain on track. So far, we have invested over $6 million in reclamation work and have doubled the financial assurance post with the State of Montana. Over the past two years, the company has soil covered over 290 acres of the tailings facility, reseeded some 140 acres and we will continue contract work to remove the mill building.”

Reclamation work—both the planning and actual work—is authorized under an operating permit. However, the State’s recent litigation puts into question the status of the State permits for the Troy, Rock Creek and Montanore mines.

“The State has contradicted itself in its own court filings,” said Stiles. “Last week, they claimed that Hecla and TMI are the same entity, despite the fact TMI is a separate corporation.  In a June court filing, they asked a court to enjoin Hecla from conducing exploration or mining in Montana through subsidiaries RC Resources and Montanore Minerals Corp.  In other words – they don’t want us here exploring or mining.  In that same June filing, they remain silent on the reclamation work happening at Troy which is authorized by the same type of operating permit they are attempting to enjoin Hecla from possessing at either Rock Creek or Montanore. How is it that Troy can do reclamation work authorized by a mining permit, but Hecla not be allowed to conduct mining activities if the DEQ considers them all to be the same entity? This is just one example of the uncertainty created by the DEQ’s position.”

Press Release from Troy Mine Inc. a subsidiary of Hecla Mining