August 8, 2017 Voices Of Montana, _Featured

PSC Shortens Energy Contracts, O’Donnell Explains

Montana’s newest Public Service Commissioner, Tony O’Donnell joined Voices of Montana on Monday, August 7.

DonellThe Public Service Commission has been under fire recently since ruling to shorten solar and wind energy contracts from 25 to 10 years. Why is this so controversial?

According to Commissioner O’Donnell, it shouldn’t be. He stated “Energy prices change. Why shouldn’t we have shorter contracts so we can make the best decisions based on the most current rate?”

Commissioner O’Donnell answered several questions on the show from callers including one from Great Falls stating the commissioners were against solar and wind power. Commissioner O’Donnell stated that he had never heard any of his fellow commissioners stating anything to the effect that they were against wind or solar power in Montana.

For the entire podcast of our interview go right here.

Jon Arneson