March 31, 2017 Shadow of the Rockies

WY Workshops…Stay safe in Bear, Lion and Wolf Country

Wyoming Game and Fish Department to hold “Staying Safe in Bear, Lion and Wolf Country” workshop
Would you know how to react if you were hiking in the Bighorn Mountains and you suddenly came upon a mountain lion or if you were camping and a black bear wandered into your camp? How about if you encountered a wolf or grizzly bear while hiking in Yellowstone National Park?

If you’re interested in learning more about how to live with these large predators, plan to attend the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s “Staying Safe in Bear, Lion and Wolf Country” workshop that will be held at the following place and date:
Wednesday April 5, 5:30-7:30 PM, Room TEC 213, Gillette College, 3251 South 4-J Road, Gillette, WY.
The purpose of the workshop is to increase participants’ awareness and understanding of bears, mountain lions, and wolves. Information and tools will be provided to the participants that they can use to avoid dangerous encounters and prevent future conflicts. For more detail on WY  Game & Fish events: