September 30, 2019 Shadow of the Rockies

The Bridger Bowl

The ski area is located on the east slope of the Bridger Mountain
Range. With four large bowls within the boundaries, the ski area
offers wide-open terrain with a variety of landscapes including long,
wide-open slopes, glades, chutes and gullies.
The mountain lays out in a large funnel or “V” shape expanding from
about 200 yards in width across the base area up to approximately 2
miles wide across the ridge top.
Family and friends of varying skill levels can ride several of our chair
lifts together while still enjoying varying terrain best matching their
individually ability.
Bridger Bowl’s terrain difficulty rating (beginner to expert) is fairly
easy to determine based on elevation.
Generally speaking, the ski area offers first-time beginner slopes in
the base area, novice terrain across the lower middle, wide-open
intermediate runs in the center, advanced open bowl terrain in the
upper third and, finally, expert terrain coming off the ridge top.