September 27, 2019 Shadow of the Rockies

Hunters Finding Success With New Teton Mountain Goat Season

Hunters are finding early success in the first year of a new mountain
goat hunting season that was created on the west side of the Teton
Range to relieve competition between the non-native goats and a
struggling native bighorn sheep herd there. The rifle season opened
August 15, but hunters could purchase an additional archery license
and get an earlier start on August 1. To date, a total of 15 mountain
goats have been taken, five in the early portion with archery equipment.
The new Hunt Area 4 was created with a new Type A license valid for
any mountain goat. Hunt Area 4 was carved out of Hunt Area 2, and
consists of lands on the Caribou Targhee National Forest and Bridger
Teton National Forest north of Wyoming Highway 22. This hunt area and
license type was created to reduce mountain goat numbers in the Teton
Range and minimize the expansion of mountain goats into high priority
bighorn sheep habitat, in this case the Targhee sheep herd.
Unlike mountain goat Type 1 and Type 2 licenses, Type A licenses are
not once-in-a-lifetime and a hunter could potentially draw a license and
harvest a mountain goat every year. In this first season, a total of 48
licenses were issued through a limited quota random draw. Due to the
difficult terrain and relatively low number of goats that reside outside
Grand Teton National Park, managers expected hunter success to be
low. So far, hunters are surpassing those expectations. The season runs
through November 15, 2019.