September 24, 2019 Shadow of the Rockies

Fishing closure on upper Big Hole River to be lifted

A fishing closure that includes a 46-mile section of the upper
Big Hole River will be lifted due to an increase in stream flows.
The full angling closure, which went into effect on Aug. 31, will be lifted at
midnight on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 25. The closure extended from
Saginaw Bridge on Skinner Meadow Road to the North Fork of the Big Hole
A qualifying condition for lifting the closure was met recently when water flows
exceeded 40 cubic feet per second (CFS) for seven consecutive days.
These closures are in accordance with the Big Hole Watershed Committee
Drought Plan, which calls for angling restrictions when water temperatures
exceed 73 degrees for three or more consecutive days, or when flows drop
below 20 CFS.
Restrictions of this nature are enacted to protect fish species like Arctic grayling,
rainbow trout and brown trout, which all become more susceptible to disease
and mortality when conditions like low flows and high temperatures combine with
additional stressors.