April 19, 2017 Shadow of the Rockies

Boaters Be Prepared or Don’t Go

Those who have had to give up and return to shore due to poor boating conditions know it can be a tough decision.

“When spring is in the air, snowmelt creates high water in our streams and rivers and high expectations for some good boating or rafting,” said Liz Lodman, the boat education coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The combination of high water and high expectations can be deadly when it turns out that the conditions are too extreme for safe boating.

“It can be hard to put safety ahead of adventure when you’ve spent hours planning a boating trip, but sometimes the only safe choice is to stay off the water,” Lodman said.

Lodman stressed that all floaters wear a well-fitted Personal Flotation Device or life jacket when on and around the water. “If you are in a boat or even near a rapidly flowing river, wear a life jacket,” she said. “It could save your life. If you fall into cold water without a life jacket you could drown in a matter of minutes.”

There are other times, especially for less experienced boaters and floaters, when the dangers aren’t readily apparent until they’ve entered the water.  For more detail log on to: fwp.mt.gov