November 8, 2019 VOM Podcast

What is REAL Montana Leadership?

(42 minutes) What does it take to be a REAL Montana leader — boldness, passion, connection? Listen to the podcast as Voices of Montana was on location as part of the REAL Montana leadership program, which seeks to build informed and engaged leaders advancing the agriculture and resources industries in Montana. The MSU sponsored program, now in its 7th year, is a two-year commitment for each of the 20 diverse class participants. Two participants, Orry Fruit, loan officer and assistant manager at First Bank of Montana in Fort Benton, and Zachary Bashoor, owner and founder of Bashoor Land Management of Missoula, were guests on the show as part of REAL Montana’s media and communications seminar. The podcast also features Chaley Harney, a program alum (2nd class), board member, and current executive director of the Montana Beef Council, and Tara Becken, REAL Montana Program Director, and member of the very first class.