September 9, 2019 VOM Podcast

Veteran’s Back Country Program That’s #NOTAVACATION

This is no ordinary problem. According to, 22 veterans complete suicide every day despite the fact there are 45,000 non-profit organizations dedicated to helping veterans. The U.S. government reportedly invests $3billion annually to treat veterans diagnosed with PTSD, and still 20% of veterans suffering from the disease become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.

On Voices of Montana today, you’ll hear about a veteran’s organization that takes a different approach: #notavacation. Heroes and Horses is a program that teaches self-reliance, teamwork, and perseverance. As they say, “It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable and it demands that you go outside of your comfort zone…a lot. So who is it for? Those veterans who are truly ready to commit to changing their own lives, because we aren’t going to do it for you, but we will give you the tools to get there.”
(Photo Credit: Chris Douglas Photography)