March 6, 2020 VOM Podcast

TAX SCAMS: Not With the Government, Not Here to Help

Fake online tax prepares look like the real deal, and with all the bells and whistles, will promise you a big payday on your return. Would you know one if you saw one?

On this edition of AARP’s Fraud Watch Friday, Montana’s Local Taxpayer Advocate Paul Harper joins AARP Montana President Al Ward to pull the sheets off these so-called “ghosts,” a term for fake tax preparers that can not only steal your information and your refund, but leave you with unfinished business with the IRS.

Do you suspect your social security number and identification might have been compromised? Listen to the podcast to find out what you should do to avoid Tax ID theft. And remember, if a stranger calls you and claims to be an IRS agent – it is NOT an IRS agent. Listen to find out more.