April 15, 2019 VOM Podcast

Learn from Montanan Ranchers Providing Nutritious Food “Grain by Grain”

Americans have never been more conscious of the quality of the food they consume.  Two Montana natives are at the forefront of the movement to healthy nutritious food.

  • Bob Quinn, long-time dry-land organic farmer from Big Sandy is on a quest to revive ancient wheat, rural jobs, and healthy food.
  • Liz Carlisle, from Missoula is the author of the award-winning book “Lentil Underground” that describes the phenomenal story of pulse crop expansion on the northern plains.

Both were in our VOM studio to launch a multi-city tour for their newest publication, “Grain By Grain”.  We learned how people are eating heathier, and how regenerative agriculture is bringing back rural jobs to our area, by combining time-tested farming practices with modern science.