February 11, 2020 VOM Podcast

FWP on Wild Bison Restoration

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, & Parks recently released its long-awaited Environmental Impact Statement Record of Decision (ROD) on the feasibility of bison restoration in Montana. The state agency concluded that “thoughtful implementation of a proposal within the general parameters of Alternatives 2, 3, and 4 or any combination thereof is appropriate.” (I highly recommend you read the ROD – linked HERE). This was a “programmatic” review detailing the process through which any specific restoration proposal must pass.

Montana land owners, farmers, and ranchers, knowing the risk of disease and the potential impact on Montana’s landscape associated with bison, are naturally concerned. Some Montanans, weary of the narrow agenda of the environmental community, see the ROD as an invitation that could further the erosion of Montana’s rural communities.

What is this Record of Decision, and how will it affect Montana?

FWP Director Martha Williams, who signed the document, was in-studio to answer those questions. She was joined by Lauri Hanauska-Brown from FWP’s wildlife division.

There was still much left to be discussed by the time the “fastest hour in radio” had concluded. As a follow-up, Director Williams welcomed the opportunity to come back on the program, while Hanauska-Brown invited you to contact her with further questions. Her email address is lhanauska-brown.mt.gov.