October 8, 2019 VOM Podcast

Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Manager Helps Lead 40 Days for Life Vigils in Montana

A former Planned Parenthood clinic manager for 18 years, Sue Thayer believed she was helping women. But a change in direction for Planned Parenthood led to a transformation in Sue’s life.

She is now the Outreach Director for 40 Days for Life, a prayer vigil, pro-life movement currently taking place outside of over 500 abortion clinics across the country.

Sue is involved in a whistle-blower lawsuit charging Planned Parenthood with Medicaid fraud, and has testified before Congress in a House Judiciary Committee hearing titled “Planned Parenthood Exposed.”

Also, joining us from the vigil in Missoula, Montana 40 Days for Life participant and leader Brad Tschida talks very personally about the pro-life movement in Montana.