January 13, 2020 VOM Podcast

For Sale: Montana

(43 minutes) The issue of timberland for sale in Montana crosses many divides: private property, government, land management, natural resource development, and what’s hard to quantify, the loss of something very precious to us – our Montana way of life.

Weyerhaeuser’s announced sale of 630-thousand acres, nearly 1,000 square miles, of Montana has left many wondering what will be the future of that land. Local officials report the sale will be to a private real estate company from Georgia. How will it affect the timber industry in Montana? How will it affect hunting and fishing access? Who is this private company, and what are their intentions?

Listen to the podcast to learn more as concerned citizen Karl Schuman details the history of that land and the potential ramifications of it’s sale to everyday Montanans like himself.