January 3, 2020 VOM Podcast

Bozeman High School Christian Club Facing Opposition

Can what you believe be an act of discrimination?

Four students from Bozeman High School have objected to a Christian student organization’s beliefs as discriminatory. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Statement of Faith declares that “marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman.” In 2008, the school added “sexual orientation” to it’s anti-discrimination policy and school administrators, upon the advice from the Montana School Boards Association, decided to bar the FCA “Huddle” from operating as an official student club at the high school.

However, this case has statewide, and possibly national implications. As such, the Alliance Defending Freedom has sent a letter to Bozeman school officials requesting they reverse their decision. There has been no response from the school to that request to date.

Listen to the podcast to hear FCA State Director Bob Veroulis discuss the case and how FCA impacts the lives of students who are faced with difficult issues in today’s world.