February 19, 2020 VOM Podcast

B-47 Ridge: Remembering and Honoring the Fallen

1962 seems like a long time ago. Yet, there’s still plenty of connection to that not-so-distant past; a painful connection for the family members of a crew of USAF airmen who lost their lives when their B-47 bomber crashed into a Montana mountain side on a training mission.

That fateful summer night drew quite a bit of attention, but the years and the mountain had quieted the tragedy until a determined Paradise Valley man decided it was due time to honor the fallen and give closure to their families.

Listen to the podcast to hear the story of how Bryan Wells, who first climbed to the remote wreckage at age 15, worked to memorialize the sacrifice of Capt. Bill Faulconer, Lt. Fred Hixenbaugh, Lt. Lloyd Sawyers, and Lt. David Sutton, the crew who lost their lives July 23, 1962 in service to our country.