May 4, 2020 VOM Podcast

AARP Voter Guide: Day 1

The AARP Montana Gubernatorial Radio Voter Guide brings all the major party candidates seeking to be Montana’s next governor to one place to answer questions on important issues. Questions such as what are the candidates plans for lowering the cost of prescription drugs, what plans do they have to improve rural broadband access, and a simple, straight forward “Why are you running for Governor?”

The 2020 election is as critical as any, all the more as it’s been altered by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Without campaign rallies and open meeting forums, virtual campaigning has become the tool for which you, the voting public, has had to utilize to determine who among those seeking public office best represent your governing principles.

In this series, the candidates for the governor’s office have sent responses to five questions. Each day over the course of this week (May 4 – May 8), you will hear those responses as each candidate responds daily to one of the five questions. Their order of appearance has been chosen at random.

Listen to the podcast to hear Mike Cooney, Tim Fox, Greg Gianforte, Dr. Al Olszewski, and Whitney Williams discuss their plans and their positions on important election 2020 issues.