August 16, 2019 VOM Podcast

Montana Leading the Way in Public Lands Policies

Public lands policy is complicated. There are many groups with diverse and often competing interests vying for their agendas when it comes to establishing public lands policies.

Approximately 30% of Montana’s 94 million acres fall under the category of public lands. Our state’s county commissioners take an active role in management decisions regarding these lands. In fact, Montana is often looked upon to lead the way.

Today on Voices, we discussed public land policies with two national leaders from the Treasure State: Ravalli County Commissioner Greg Chilcott, Chairman of the National Association of Counties Public Lands Steering Committee, and Prairie County Commissioner Todd Devlin, vice-chair of that committee.

Maintaining access to our public lands, managing the multiple interests, and getting Washington, D.C. to listen are top-of-mind among the issues.