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Beyond Colstrip, What is The Montana Electric Supply Plan?

We talked with John D. Hines, NorthWestern Energy Vice President of  Supply and Montana Government Affairs. He is responsible for electric ...

Learn How a Montana Rancher is Putting USDA Conservation Programs into Action

Tom Watson is the State Conservationist for Montana USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). He gave us a general overview ...

Celebrating Earth Day by Recognizing Agriculture’s Contribution to Improving Water Quality

For Earth Day we took a moment to celebrate agricultural producers as key partners in improving water quality. The guest ...

What is going on with the Berkeley Pit and the Butte Superfund Site?

We had Joe Vranka;  the EPA Region 8 Montana Superfund Unit Supervisor on to give us an update on the ...

Update from Congress: A Conversation with US Rep. Greg Gianforte

Montana’s lone Congressman, Greg Gianforte, was on the show and gave us an update on current legislation. He took listener ...

Jon Bennion, Chief Deputy Attorney General and 2020 Candidate for Attorney General

Jon Bennion currently serves as the Chief Deputy Attorney General and also recently announced his bid Attorney General in 2020 ...

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April 01 - April 07
  • 01
    No events
  • 02

    Jack Pelham - Author & Founder Of Society For Reality-Based Thinking.

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM
    Jack Pelham is living in Laurel, Montana. He is the founder of Society for Reality-Based Thinking.

    This is quite timely as America seems to be experiencing a spike in internal strife. People who generally keep quiet about things are getting so irritated as to step up and say something. But what they say often reveals that their own thinking is not so clean and orderly. Watch for it and see what you see. It’s quite obvious if you know what to look for. And hopefully, you can avoid such errors yourself.


  • 03

    Scott Twito--County Attorney For Yellowstone County.

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Billings and Missoula together have 70% of the violent crime in Montana and violent crime is up 85% since 2010.

    Twito says because we are releasing to many criminals and we have tripled the release rate since last summer with 75% repeat a crime within one year.

    We talk to the county attorney about this dangerous problem.

  • 04

    Cory Swanson, Broadwater County Attorney. His Opinion On The CSKT Water Compact.

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    The County Attorney handles county prosecutions and legal guidance to county boards, departments & elected officials.


    Cory Swanson will be speaking in favor of the CSKT water compact.

  • 05

    P.E.A.K.S. Non-Profit -- Raising Money For Cancer Patients For 30 Years!

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    PEAKS is a non-profit volunteer organization founded in Billings, MT in 1988 to raise money for cancer patients in need in our area.

    Rose Spaulding and Linda Bofto with PEAKS, will be the two ladies that will join us for our interview.

    Auxilary of St Vincent Healthcare Foundation (People Everywhere are Kind & Shaing) PEAKS!

    Many people facing cancer treatment do not have the financial resources to pay for their daily, non-medical expenses associated with cancer. Transportation and loding are a few. Some may also get behind in their normal daily living expenses, like rent and utilities.  Sometimes just paying for groceries is a struggle.

    PEAKS helps with those kinds of hardships.

    PEAKS members organize a variety of fundraisers through out the year.  The funds raised go directly to these people in need.

  • 06

    Broadcasting Live From The 88th Annual FFA Convention Career & Trade Show

    9:00 AM-10:00 AM

    Over 2,000 FFA jackets will fill the Red Lion Convention Center in Billings, April 5-6, 2018.

    These members will gather from across the state to participate in their annual Montana FFA State Convention. It is my great pleasure to extend our cordial invitation to you and your organization to join us for the Career and Trade Show. Each year the convention brings together agricultural students from over 94 communities. The four-day event will feature outstanding speakers, daily workshops and the Montana FFA Foundation’s Career and Trade Show.

  • 07
    No events
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Learn How a Montana Rancher is Putting USDA Conservation Programs into Action

Tom Watson is the State Conservationist for Montana USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). He gave us a general overview of NRCS and their locally-led process for setting conservation priorities. Dusty Hahn is a Rancher near Townsend, MT. His family has been Farming and Ranching in the area since 1908. He gave practical advice on […]

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