November 1, 2018 Northern Sports Network

Yes We Do Live In A Big State!

Really 651 miles one way to play a high school football game!  Well that is the distance that Arlee will bus to play at Fairview in the round number two of the 8-man football playoffs.  Now let’s do some Rocky math.  If Arlee went to Seattle it would be 167 miles closer, Portland 94 miles closer!

The second longest road trip this weekend is also more than 600 miles.  That would be the 602 miles for Culbertson to travel to Drummond.  Rocky math…..or about the same distance it would be for them to go to Minneapolis.

  • Longest road trip in 6-man football:  514 miles for Jordan to go to Hot Springs
  • Longest in “B”:  378 for Bigfork to travel to Roundup
  • Longest in “A”:  518 miles for the Cowboys of Miles City to go to Hamilton
  • Longest in “AA”:  418 miles for the two time defending state champs Billings Senior to go to Flathead

All in all the 20 playoff teams this weekend will travel a combined 5,842 miles one way!