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Archive for date: November 15, 2021

Senator Tester Lauds Infrastructure Bill Becoming Law

Today President Joe Biden signed the trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill into law which will see billions of federal dollars come to Montana for its transportation systems, water systems and broadband and more. Senator Jon Tester was one of ten Senators who negotiated its terms and had this to say about its passing. https://norther...

Montana Farm Bureau Begins Preparation For Next Farm Bill

With time ticking the Montana Farm Bureau isn’t wasting any of it. During the 102nd annual convention and trade show in Billings last week Senior Director of Government Affairs Nicole Rolf told Voices of Montana listeners what’s happening right now.

Last Reminder…WY Youth hunt extended 3 days

A youth-only pheasant hunt is planned for Nov. 19-21 on Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area near Lovell.  During this three-day timeframe, pheasant hunting is restricted to youth only on all lands contained within the Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area north of the Shoshone River. In previous years, the youth-only hunt has bee...

Final Congressional Map Chosen For Montana

A final congressional map that will shape Montana’s representation in Washington D.C. for the next decade has been chosen by the state’s independent redistricting commission. Congressional Proposal 12 headed to the Montana Secretary of State’s office over the weekend after a 3-2 vote Friday by the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commissi...

Sunburst Opens New Community Center

Sunburst, roughly 30 miles north of Shelby, a town in Toole County has a population of 333 according to the latest census, but that didn’t stop residents from wanting to build a community center. Last Thursday on Voices of Montana, Mayor Holly Hovland explained a grant from Lowe’s made it possible.